A digital drawing of two figures. One is a humanoid grey lynx fursona with blue short hair, six eyes, fluffy ears and six eyes (each pair of eyes has stars, sky, and sea in them). Ze is wearing a black crop top and tan cargo pants. The other is a white succubus with green hair and red eyes, curled red horns and black wings showing. Ze is sticking hir tongue out. Xey are hugging, and this is an uncropped version of Ace's current avatar on social media.


Hi, we're Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee, or Fidgetcetera! We're a cripple queer plural cluster with feelings on the internet. We use xey/xem pronouns for ourselves. The X is prononounced like a Z, as in "xylophone." We use the honorific Mx., pronounced "mix." We are comprised of two partitions, named Nemmy Nyms and Salix Quercus, each using ze/hir pronouns, pronounced "zee" and "here."

We're on social media in some places! Here are a few:

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Some labels that fit us include: Disabled, queer, nonbinary, trans, grey-asexual, romance-fucked (on the aromantic spectrum), bi(sexual and romantic), lesbian, transgender, plural, those fuckers, literal tree-huggers, and cuties!