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These are Never Gonna Be Monthly: A May 2018 Update

This post has the following content warnings: Governmental name change, money, my living situation, chronic pain, college mention, parents

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Hey, at least it’s almost exactly 2 months off from the last one! Consistency is something!!

So okay, what’s been going on in Acey’s life, huh? Well. First off, I am now eliminating my deadname from my life. Woo! Hard shit to deal with, honestly. Changing your government alias is a whole pain in the ass even just with having to deal with individual places that have documents on the government side of things, and then you factor in non-government entities such as colleges or paypal which can mysteriously lose your forms and not verify them for a month… It’s a whole fucking process.

Other big things: I’m done with school! More time for personal projects, maybe! Like, actually maintaining this blog and my personal site and updating it in ways I want to, even. Who knows, maybe I’ll write some porn and throw that somewhere, too. Or make some custom emoji… 🤔

I’ve also been embracing that I’m disabled way more, posting about it on my Mastodon and using my cane (it’s named Neptune now) and stuff. It’s been really nice to not push myself too much! I had a major injury when I was a kid, I won’t get into it but basically my muscles n nerves on my left leg are all hecked up. I’m doing a lot better since starting using a cane and everything. Way less days where I can’t get out of bed in the morning because of my pain.

My patreon has been something I’ve been a little more in need of lately, on the maybe-less-positive. I’m living with my parents, and they really want me to find a job or have income. The aforementioned leg injury means that standing for hours on end more than maybe 1 or 2 times a week is hard - This kinda puts me in a bad spot for finding most jobs in a tiny town in rural Georgia. So while I’ll be trying for what few possibilities I have, I really would appreciate having alternatives as far as income goes.

Also, I’m gonna say thanks to all my current donors! I aaaalmost get enough to pay for like, all my meds without issue!! That’s super huge and great. I have some mental health struggles to work through about actually asking for the help I need, but I’ve been doing my best to sort that out and stuff. Thank you all!!

I think that’s the most of it! Thanks for reading and keeping up. I’ll try to do a blog post that isn’t one of these monthly updates again Soon™!

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Posted 15 May 2018 Copy this link to share the post, please!

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Hey, at least it’s almost exactly 2 months off from the last one! Consistency is something!!

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Posted 15 May 2018