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Ah Fuck, It's July 2018 (Time for an update!)

Well! June is over, july is here! Yeah, technically, we started doing the updates midway through the month, but we wanted to get back to them being at the start.

Content warnings: Food jokes, Patreon and money situation

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Posted 01 Jul 2018

Oh jeez! The June 2018 Update

Hey! We’re here, we’re queer, we’ve figured some shit out! Let’s get to the month’s happenings!

Content warnings: Patreon and money situation, self-discovery, web dev shit

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Posted 17 Jun 2018

These are Never Gonna Be Monthly: A May 2018 Update

Hey, at least it’s almost exactly 2 months off from the last one! Consistency is something!!

Content warnings: Governmental name change, money, my living situation, chronic pain, college mention, parents

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Posted 15 May 2018

Oopsies! Another late update.

Hey remember that time I was gonna do this monthly and keep updating you all on my life? Yeah uh, oops. Here’s how the past couple of months have gone so far!

Content warnings: Money, college

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Posted 14 Mar 2018

Month's End, January 2018

Ahhhh, a month into the year and here I am, late on a blog post again!! An update on my month lies below the cut.

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Posted 10 Feb 2018