A digital drawing of two figures. One is a humanoid grey lynx fursona with blue short hair, six eyes, fluffy ears and six eyes (each pair of eyes has stars, sky, and sea in them). Ze is wearing a black crop top and tan cargo pants. The other is a white succubus with green hair and red eyes, curled red horns and black wings showing. Ze is sticking hir tongue out. Xey are hugging, and this is an uncropped version of Ace's current avatar on social media.


Encryption Key Fingerprints!

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This is how you can verify when you message us on encrypted platforms that it's Really Us!


You can follow Wire's official instructions on how to verify fingerprints, comparing to this page. We are @Fidgetcetera on Wire!
Wire for Linux

(ID: 18 CC 17 32 9E 1F F3 39)

91 9e 45 79 38 74 1c 1f e8 3c ce dc 54 92 88 70

af 53 a1 36 70 37 1e de 74 4a 94 fd 86 a1 bd 4e

Wire for Linux

(ID: AC A7 56 97 DF C9 03 D2)

aa c8 4e a4 a4 6e 4d b3 f6 0b 8a ae 52 4a f9 df

c9 3d e8 f8 0b 74 c4 e6 80 d3 f1 48 6d 16 97 99

Google Pixel 2

(ID: 6C 76 8C F9 71 FB B1 0A)

d4 f6 b5 77 5a 9b 14 4d 7e 84 46 fe ac 6b bb 6a

26 3f b9 14 aa 5c d9 f9 23 a1 a5 88 0e c4 cb ae


The way to verify these fingerprints varies per app! We are fidgetcetera@xmpp.is on XMPP, and use OMEMO encryption.
Gajim on Artemis (our desktop)

77AF7A19 5AA7E507 FD987C3D EEAFB403

1705D5D4 2F3E6EC9 D0C8A9CE F8CC2D2A

Gajim on Jenny (our laptop)

5D828609 A8B36A8E AB13F163 ECC8C8DA

CDC898D9 C7E522DC 3CC3AAA9 D976AF05

Conversations on Paige (our phone)

7FACCD81 93F1C843 49D15CFA 05359C01

2BE7FA11 7CA7CCD0 33A270C7 0610604C


Verifying these also depends on your client. In Riot, this currently involves choosing "use legacy verification" to view this style of key fingerprint. We're @Fidgetcetera:matrix.org on Matrix!


ZcE+ Vhb6 u3F9 szr+ hs6j zW8C

XTB6 sXCo dRX9 gAc5 wcA



CuUA 0q1n Zkxp +9tl Yxh0 8eWs

eSBC vR28 w801 S8Xh Ogo